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In my collection, I have over 200 Pet Portraits and I would love to have your BFF as part of that!
I value quality very much and I won't rest until you have the best memory of your pet <3

Having said that,

Pet Portraits are:

- Hand painted with acrylic paint on canvas
- signed
- numbered according to the sequence of my pieces
- comes with originality certificate

All I need is :

- some photos with good quality ( don't be shy, I know you have a zillion of pictures and I can help you choose THE ONE! )
- videos are also welcome
- have some preferences of background colors? Perfect, I would love to know! if you don't, I got your back! I can pick out for you or, even better, send you some simulations =)
- my fav part: tell me all about your pet, personality, tricks, name, age and everything that you think is important for me to know

The canvas sizes and prices are:

  1. 30 x40 cm - £380 face
  2. 40 x50 cm - £480 face and chest ( or whole body for mini pet )
  3. 50 x70 cm - £580 whole body / small pet
  4. 50 x 70cm - £680 whole body / midsize pet
  5. 70 x 100cm - £880 whole body / large pet
  6. 90 x 120cm - £1080 whole body /giant pet

For the UK, Pet portraits are delivered with FRAME that I choose according to the painting.
WORLDWIDE, I deliver the canvas UNFRAMED rolled in a cardboard tube ( in these cases, the prices are 10% off ).

Individual portraits take 4-8 weeks to complete.
The amount is paid 50% in advance and 50% before delivery, by bank transfer.

* For Family Pet Portraits (more than one), the canvases are larger and the prices / sizes vary according to the quantity and size of the animals.

To order /
quote /
question about shipment /
sizes of your pet /
family pet portraits /
or ANY other questions, text me here.

I'm here ready to help you <3

Pet portrait gallery